Airbus published a video with tests of a flying taxi

The prototype of the flying taxi, developed by Airbus, was tested at the beginning of this month, but the report on the flight of the unmanned prototype consisted only of a scant press release, supplied with several photographs. The video recording of the flight was then, for some reason, the developers did not upload. But the other day the company corrected the situation by uploading video materials shot on the Youtube during the test flight.

The video clearly demonstrates how the Alpha One performs a vertical take-off, then it moves through the air and finally makes a vertical landing, which took place without any operator intervention – the unmanned aerial vehicle will cope independently with the tasks assigned in the future.

The test flight lasted about a minute and passed at an altitude of 4.9 meters above the ground. Alpha One made a flight without passengers on board, because with test flights there is always a risk of a freelance situation.

The developers of the Vahana project, who created this flying prototype, initially set themselves the goal of creating an unmanned air transport with electric drives, capable of transporting one passenger on its own, to fly upright and sit upright. Earlier it was stated that the aircraft could lift up to 745 kilograms of cargo. Work on the creation of an unmanned vehicle has been underway since the spring of 2016. Commercial sales of Alpha One in Airbus are planned to begin already in 2020.

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