Airbnb want to create video content to encourage more people to travel


The video content was always the engine of growth is incredible for those interested in the tourism sector. Long before the existence of YouTube and social media, there were clips VHS with travel guides for the locations of the Western worldwide. Now, it has become easy to access YouTube and find the best ten things you must do in Paris for example. People research is often based on that content, and now you want the Airbnb part of this cake because it will help the company promote its platform.

You can rent a room, apartment or whole apartment or a villa or even a castle the whole in some places on the Airbnb platform. Allows you product also book experiences in the cities you visit so you get the maximum benefit from your trip while the check is greater returns.

Reported by news agency Reuters that the company Airbnb you set up the studio TV that will produce documentaries and short presentations will be used to promote the year. What people need most when you travel? A place to sleep, a place where going to be the Airbnb platform useful.

The report states that the company Airbnb is working on this idea several years ago, the thought of working as a team with the studios current production and entertainment companies or development studios internally and would promote many of the places around the world, benefit from the experiences of guests and hosts in the Airbnb platform. On this subject, stated the executive officer for Policy and communications in the company Airbnb, Mr. Chris Lehane said : ” We are at the stage of research and development here. “ He added : ” Not only does the video only, it could be allowed, or physically. The greater number of content you offer, the higher the number next to the product “.

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