AI-Alibaba system will help farmers monitor pigs

China accounts for about half of the world pig population. Now the farms of the Celestial Empire number about 700 million of these animals, so it is becoming more difficult to monitor them and take care of them, revealing sick and weak individuals in time. Alibaba, a technology company that developed an algorithm for AI, capable of independently monitoring the health and mood of animals, came to the aid of pig producers, writes The Verge.

The technology of machine vision will allow automatic recording of pigs by stamps with ID on the ears of animals, and a special system of recognition of sounds can be determined by the characteristic sounds of sick individuals and in time to prevent veterinary control in order to prevent the epidemic.

Now IT giant Alibaba is at the stage of signing documents with Dekon Group, the largest pork supplier in the country, and Tequ Group, which specializes in the production of animal feed. Now, farmers use RFID tags and special radio frequency identification systems to calculate the number of cattle, which is ten millions of head, is not so effective, because with such a huge herd it is difficult even to calculate the approximate number of piglets born, not to mention, to provide them with labels. The technology created by Alibaba, involves the registration of pigs with ID, applied to their backs. While the system will recalculate them only in this way, but then the developers are going to offer a more comprehensive solution, for example, involving the use of infrared sensors to assess their health and well-being.

The initial amount of the transaction fluctuates around five million dollars, and mass introduction is scheduled for the end of 2019.

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