Agency Media Create announce its intention to stop watching the sales of the Japanese market

Media Create1

Over the years, the foundation’s Media Create Japanese monitoring and analysis of the market sales of Japanese computers and video games, and believe the agency Media Create reports Weekly, where they reveal hardware sales and game sales accurately, and with information available for free to all users on the network, provide an analysis of your drive based on the entire sample as a service driven companies.

Well, here are Media Create are going to line agency NPD U.S. that are offering their information to companies only, and announce its intention to stop sharing data to the Japanese market to become the all the numbers of private companies, starting from the month of April next.

This means that those interested will not be able to follow the sales the Japanese market only via Famitsu-owned group Enterbrain and ding you, and we’ll see if both will continue to provide the numbers and share them to the public for free.

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