Age of Empires 4K up 20 next February

Age of Empires

Age of Empires

Warfare game legendary Age of Empires will be strictly graphics add modern sophistication met my big case today where going to be 4K therefore the need for this precision to take advantage of the great opportunities.

We previously wrote about Microsoft’s development version of the new game, but today we have the launch officially marks the 20 February and will be priced at $ 20 through the Microsoft store.

Microsoft had previously announced, to postpone the launch of the game and gives reason for more attention to detail on the graphics of the game and add more features.

The new version supports 16 civilization Empire and people of different can also be played over a local network with friends or through Xbox Live service over the internet.

Recall that the first version of the game appeared for more than twenty years, cascade updates later, and it was the latest version that has reached us, ten years ago, and since then to today has developed a lot of ideas at the level of the gaming industry.



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