Again … promotional photos camera Huawei P30 Pro captured DSLR

مرة أخرى ... الصور الترويجية لكاميرا هواوي P30 Pro تم التقاطها بكاميرا DSLR

Thar was a big fuss last year because the capture of Huawei images professional DSLR in the classifieds phone Nova 3 to show it as an imaging phone, this picture actually was used students users because of the difference in quality between image advertising and images that they take. But fate wills it to come out after the publication of the note in the ad is a photo from behind the scenes showing Image Capture camera DSLR.

It seems that things usually travel with a camera phone P30 Pro platforms launched in 26 March of the current according to the site GSMArena. Where that images in the ad campaign to reveal the camera’s capabilities and accuracy Zoom was purchased online, and one of them (above) were captured in 2009 for iPhone Face the volcano and the picture published by the company.

مرة أخرى ... هواوي تنشر صورًا للترويج لكاميرا P30 Pro تم التقاطها بكاميرا DSLR

It was not limited to Huawei alone since last year, because Samsung did something similar on a Twitter account in Brazil and posted pictures she had bought it from the site Getty. As many companies are doing the same thing.

According to what is determined by the Huawei to the website The Verge, they didn’t fool anyone this because the photo was used as a reference illustration for ads and not being taken on the phone and the directory on it in the book “advertising only” below the photo in the original publication on the site Weibo.

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