After years of neglect, the application of Google’s blogger gets a major redesign

Used to be the platform Pleuger of the Google platform for the transition of any person wishing to share his words and opinions, but for pragmatic reasons has been exceeded the product by different social networks, as well as by my platform WordPress and the most professional.

Therefore, many assume that Google will kill its service slowly, and that’s what we felt in not receiving the application Pleuger for any update during the last few years.

بعد سنوات من الإهمال تطبيق جوجل بلوجر يحصل على إعادة تصميم كبيرةAfter years of neglect, the application of Google’s blogger gets a major redesign

But today, suddenly, allowed Google to update the new application coming with the re-design of a comprehensive and large, have raised the version number of the application to the Pleuger 3.0.1, which was abandoned interface “Holo” of the old, and replace them with modern design “material design,” making it also consistent with the apps and services Google other.

And more detailed, you will notice a new interface, writes its white color completely, there is a toolbar coming in dark grey, as well as the icon floating at the bottom.

As and update all buttons, fields and text input elements additional interface in accordance with the latest standards of Google’s design, including its support for “air icons”.

Apart from modern design, not much has changed in this new version, so that you can create or edit publications and see the list of articles saved publications, as well as integrating photos from your phone or from cameras.

Without it also, still the app lacks many of the features available on the platform of the blogger of the website.

Most importantly, the app no longer tells you that it is not compatible with later Android versions, which is what it was in the previous version 2.1.3.

Finally, the update Blogger 3.0.1 is currently available on his page than on the Google Play Store, and you can also download it by through file the APK from here.

Download update Pleuger 3.0.1 on Android.

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