After two years – was Apple wrong to remove the headphone port of the iPhone?!

Apple decided two years ago to remove the headphone port of the phones as the iPhone, still this step is to argue about its usefulness, at least in current times and it’s still this decision is not welcome by a wide sector of users. Wired Headphones traditional port 3.5 mm not a popular tyrant, despite the availability of other solutions, like head headphones ear wireless, where they remain an essential choice for many.

سماعات الرأس التقليدية أم السماعات المعتمدة على منفذ الشحن؟

Traditional headphones or earphones of the Treaty on the port forwarding?

Most technology companies, smart phone manufacturers to imitate and emulate Apple in many things, being the apple of the weight allows it to develop and modify industry standards. This thing happened like with the rear camera the bilateral extrusion of the upper in the screen “notes”, the delivery price need most (iPhone X) to$ 1,000 and more, many companies once you match Apple in it.

As to remove the headphone port, the situation was different as ago Apple almost alone in this way. Many of the corporations that removed the headphone port back to him.

A recent report addressed the sales of the Apple TV on the website registration BestBuy showed that more sales of the Apple TV in the accessory of the third quarter of 2017 so now is a cable 3.5 mm-to-Lightning adapter which can use the headset wired with traditional phones, the iPhone that don’t contain custom home.

هكذا لجأ المستخدمون لمحاولة الخروج من المأزق

Cable 3.5 mm-to-Lightning adapter : so resorted to the users to try out of the impasse!

In the second place on the list of most selling products, the headphones Apple AirPods wireless that works via Bluetooth, and next to being a regular characteristic, however of the main reasons behind the acquisition is to remove the port of heaven, the traditional, and promised to channel the user’s headset Apple TV that comes in a can purchase that works through the charging port, especially as they may not be appropriate in some situations such as the need to charge the phone and use the phone with at once, as they reduce the shelf life for shipping with frequent use.

سماعات Apple AirPods أحد الحلول البديلة أمام المستخدم

Headphones Apple AirPods one of the alternative solutions in front of the user

After two years, do you see that Apple made a mistake on the removal of separate headphones? And have resorted to alternative solutions?

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