After the update to Windows 10.. how to use empty space on the hard drive.

Surprised a lot of users operating system “Windows 10” Windows 10 consumption of hard disk space “hard drive” to the device after updating the system, especially if the area of the drive your operating system is limited from the beginning, but there are steps that can be done by deleting some files are not important after the update process, get rid of the annoying message own lack of space, there are two ways to remove these files:

The first way

(1) It is the fastest way, through access to the Settings, then click on system, then storage.

(2) the bottom of the Storage Sense, go to “change how to free space automatically” Change how we free up space automatically.

(3) Under Section “editing space is now” Free up space now, activate the option “Delete previous version of Windows” Delete previous version of Windows, and then press “clean now” to Clean now.

The second way

(1) You will discover that you can retrieve more than 25 GB of space, so I go to Disk Cleanup Disk Cleanup the familiar operating system (C).

(2) click on “clean up system files” Clean up system files, wait until the system is checked to operate.

(3) from the tab “Disk Cleanup” Disk Cleanup, activate the option files for previous Windows systems Previous Windows installation (s), then press OK OK to start the cleaning and get the space.

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