After the previously announced Twitter choose the optional Night Mode “lights out”

In 2016, joined Toyota to race the night mode or the features of the dark, where then did some background white with the addition of the blue color the most comfortable to work. Indeed it worked at the time, but with these days with the change of modern styles dark on the system level, dwindling a Twitter application comparison attributes.

بعد الإعلان عنها سابقًا تويتر تختبر خاصية الوضع الليلي "إطفاء الأنوار"After the previously announced Twitter choose the optional Night Mode “lights out”

However, it’s supposed to change soon, as the company began testing put the lights out “lights out” application on Android.

And by the way, Twitter has announced about this feature in the month of March last, and you can see the light only at the time of this just.

Generally, in relation to the update, it’s currently to my lab Alpha application Twitter, so it is available for a small group of invited people only.

With this property there will be the preparation of the third action allows the user to choose the appearance of the dark mode between the two options, the two Dim and lights out. To be the first “Dim” is the Dark Mode button in Twitter, which changes the background to dark blue shades.

The choice to put the “lights out”, you’ll say to convert to the interface is black which helps the better the consumption of the battery on phones with OLED.

Finally, as noted earlier, this feature is currently only available to users in an alpha version of a Twitter application on the Android operating system.

So wait, first launched the demo version general for investigation, and then made available officially for all users.

In expected to be present on the Twitter application in its final form during the next few months.


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