After the official announcement.. specifications headset AirPods Pro

In March 2019, revealed the Apple TV for AirPods 2 to be an alternative to the first generation, coming with the same design and with additional integration of the functions of Siri and support the charging holster is not wired. The company revealed yesterday about the AirPods Pro to be a second option stronger consumer.

Come AirPods Pro with a new design lighter and firmer inside the ear, thanks to the manufacture of the heads of Silicon become fish heads, flexible and comfortable, and will get the buyer to three warheads, to promote world stability. Allows a new design to support resistance to sweat and water spray, what makes the sky turn sports practices and rainfall, but without the water exercises like swimming.

بعد الإعلان الرسمي.. مواصفات سماعة AirPods Pro 1

بعد الإعلان الرسمي.. مواصفات سماعة AirPods Pro 1

Besides the new design, made AirPods Pro feature noise isolation sound that is long overdue, as we know that water enhanced the quality of the listening Sound issued from the speaker. The functions of the insulation are two mics: the first receives external sounds and converts them, and to arise the sky noise adverse obscured by the arrival of external sound to the ear of the listener, and the second: hide the infiltration of noise into the sky, and that this process is repeated 200 times one second.

Thus is supposed to provide AirPods Pro for immersive sound ultra high-definition, where the door reaches a frequency of 20 Hz, which helps in clarifying the frequencies of the sound medium and low. It should be noted, the pattern of transparency which eliminates the advantage of insulation, even if the user wants to hear external sounds, it would also increase the battery life; the faster one hold the Air Pods Pro for four and a half hours when running insulation noise pollution, and five hours when playing a pattern of transparency, up to 24 hours with the shipping portfolio.

Family AirPods are available for purchase from Apple

We mentioned that the AirPods 2 available months ago as a replacement for the first part, and the AirPods Pro will be available as a second option, on the difference between them as follows.

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AirPods Pro
AirPods 2
Support Siri Compact speaker
Portfolio speaker The portfolio supports wired charging and wireless With the portfolio supports wired charging and wireless
With the portfolio supports wired charging only
Article Three heads of three different articles One size
Noise isolation Support Don’t let the
Battery life 4.5 hours with noise isolation 5 hours
5 hours without noise isolation
More than 24 hours with a shipping portfolio
Resistant to sweat and water Sharing water spray Don’t let the
Price 249$ $ 149 for a portfolio don’t support wireless charging
199$ the portfolio supports wireless charging
Source Apple TV

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