After the iOS update 13, some way the use of different lines with iPhone

One of the features of version iOS 13 which overlooked a lot is the possibility to customize the fonts on the iPhone andiPad supported by Apple TV. After the update to iOS 13, can for users of the iPhone to install the fonts that are supported by Apple TV and manage to run on the system. It also can be installed lines are not supported by external applications.

Below we use two methods to install the fonts, knowing that the use of state lines (the first method) will be limited to apps like Pages وKeynote and Mail, and the lack of third-party applications that expect to expand them in the future; the installed fonts that are not officially supported (the second method) can use it on more apps, but the installation process is the risk borne by the user.

Of course, the apps like Messenger, Facebook, Instagram or snapshot will allow not to change the lines; maybe this is possible with third party apps offer lines dedicated to this application.

How to change fonts on iPhone and iPad

The first way

• By applying a Fond Diner , which is the first formally employed on custom fonts for all the iOS system 13 without trying.

• After installing the App, Open it and Sites tab Activate the top right (in gray).

• Click on the option of the successful Agree then installation Install.

• You can see all the fonts installed on the device after you finish to go to: Settings > General > fonts.

• Now open the application that supports fonts, such as Pages or Keynote, or Mail.

• Then enter the text that you want, then click on the editing tool, and then choose what you want between the lines.

The second way

There are many existing applications since the period included a very special set of fonts, you can also use the fonts saved on the account iCloud or Dropbox. With the knowledge to install fonts by these applications allows use in applications that not only support the fonts with most applications.

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• Select applications have a good reputation to install the fonts, such as Any Font or iFont .. that we use the latter as an example for the people here.

• Click on the button Get Fonts in the bottom right corner.

• Choose one of the sources to download the fonts from the list and Fontspace.

• Choose the font you want by clicking on the sign + and then import it Import To iFont to be downloaded.

• Head to Settings > General > Profile, then click on the new line.

• In the next window, it will be time to install the line. Because these fonts are not supported by Apple TV, the process is the risk of not talking responsibility!

• After installing the font, open the app that you want to use it and look for the line as the picture show.

• If you want to import the lines are saved on the iCloud or Dropbox, enter on the option to Open Files and follow the rest of the steps.

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