After the iOS update 12.1.2 – the problem of internet connection hit the phones iPhone New!

After the iOS update 12.1.1 before the latter bought a lot of users of phones iPhone of their inability to connect to the internet through the phone data and then the Apple TV in the iOS update 12.1.2 hoping to solve that problem that they seem to still list even after the issuance of the last update.

بعد تحديث iOS 12.1.2 - مشكلة الاتصال بالإنترنت تضرب هواتف الآيفون من جديد!After the iOS update 12.1.2 – the problem of internet connection hit the phones iPhone New!

We don’t know the cause of that problem but it is definitely present in the operating system error prevents the phone from accessing the internet via your phone’s data while some users complained of the inability of their phones to connect to mobile generally and the appearance of the message there is no service the “No Service”.

That problem does not seem limited to versions of the iPhone, the last but also a number of other models also that the complaint came from scattered areas around the world, and in order that the iOS update 12.1.2 the assignee solve the problem didn’t do something about her, or maybe he caused it!

If you own your iPhone and that problem maybe you should try some traditional solutions such as Network Settings from the Settings app or restart the phone, but work just waiting for the iOS update next days to solve the problem.

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