After the integration of messaging.. WhatsApp launches a” private reply” in the communities

Launched WhatsApp a new property, enable the user to reply to private messages that appear in groups, i.e., instead of entering a list of names in the group, to reach the number of the person and respond to special, or press the number to access it, this feature lets you reply to a message one of the members of the group in particular, where you are clicking on the message, to show her the shortcuts from the “reply in private”, then appears in front of your box to write the message, and send the response with the original message in private to the other user away from the group to the joint.

Recall that the company Facebook, which belong to the “WhatsApp” seeks to integrate the messaging between the “WhatsApp user Instagram” in order to facilitate service to users, and break down the barriers between the social platforms on Facebook, which is the reason that led to the departure of the founders of”WhatsApp” and”Instagram” last year, after the occurrence of the differences at the management level as”the Facebook”.

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