After the Galaxy A20.. Samsung surprise everyone by younger brother Galaxy A20e!

Revealed Samsung recently, what I call the younger brother of the phone Samsung Galaxy A20, where the tech giant announced the phone Galaxy A20e, which we now refer to its features similar sometimes with his older brother in size, and differing from him in some other times.

Phone Samsung Galaxy A20e

Set up a lot of the follow-up to the latest versions of the phones in the technological world, revealing Samsung’s latest phone Galaxy A20, now all eyes turn towards the copy looks similar, with some differences remarkable.

The Samsung announced the Galaxy A20e, which supports the screen smaller than the screen Galaxy A20 – 6.4 inch, where the area of the screen of the newer phone 5.8 inch only, which is of the quality of the LCD 720 * 1560 Pixel camera, the phone has Noto the top of the screen design Infinity V your company, and with camera selfie accurately 8 mega pixel camera.

Speaking of cameras, the Samsung last also, Camera Raw with 13 mega pixel camera, the lens F / 1.9, and a wide-angle 5-megapixel, next to the fingerprint reader is possible in the back.

More specifications

Works Galaxy A20e of Samsung, by the processor running Exynos 7884, as was the case with the Samsung Galaxy A20, also comes backed by a ram of 3 GB, and storage up to 32 GB, it’s similar also to the specifications of Galaxy A20.

The essential difference here between my phone Samsung, and in addition to the small size of the phone screen Galaxy A20e compared with its predecessor is the battery capacity is affected by it spreads in size, while the supplied phone Galaxy A20 battery great $ 4000 mAh, find a newer phone from Samsung is the battery with smaller capacity 3000 mAh only, but it supported the company’s rapid strongly 15W.

It remains to refer to the coming of the Galaxy A20e in black and white, but the official release date has not yet occurred, which applies to value of price, bearing in mind that the Galaxy A20, available in red, blue, and Black, has been identified its price up to about $ 180 with the introduction in the market.

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