After the attack on him because of the redesign.. snapchat is launching a new update


Responded “snapchat” to the petition I requested the removal of the new update which changed the application form and return to the old design that relied on the users, since the company promised the developer to investigate in a new update in the coming weeks will feature some changes to the section “Friends and Discoverthe” long-most of the changes.

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And last week, the President said the Executive for snapchat “Evan Spiegel” in the investor briefing held in the city of San Francisco that he was glad to re-design that provides new benefits for users, but added that the request, which was signed by more than 1.2 million people so far against the update indicates that there are some features that are difficult to use.

It is worth noting that the Star of reality TV “Kylie Jenner” which is one of the most famous users of snapchat said they didn’t open the app since the last update, and you don’t want to use it again after the changes that have been introduced.

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