After repeated abuse we have in the World Cup.. everything you wanted to know about video technology

Regime video plugin VAR or what is known as a test by the video, is the first assistive technology used in football to assist the match referee to make the decision the most correct. It was her experience for the first time in the FA Cup and League Cup English clubs professional (cars), as well as the combined Italian and German.

Used as a technical rule of the video in the group stage of the World Cup 2018 current which experience suitable his now, after a vote of the Board of the International Federation of association football (FIFA) approved the use of technique of ruling the video last March for the first time in the World Cup after the success of the technology line in the World Cup, Brazil 2014, it’s helped in making sure the health of both: The goal of the attacker Spanish Diego Costa in the crosshairs of Portugal, and kick the penalty that counted for the French against its Australian counterpart, and a penalty the Swedish National team against his South Korean counterpart, and also the penalty given to Egypt in the match of Russia scored her funeral Liverpool Mohamed Salah.

How to use the technique of ruling the video plugin VAR?

Use the technique of ruling the video plugin during the game when the uncertainty in the resolution in the following cases or alert rule video rule the game the main mistake in one of this server:


All of the recording modes and the calculation of an error or foul on the attacker and what can cause the cancellation of the goal.


Which is common when the fall of the striker inside the penalty area to look healthy read the rule of the game or not, and whether there was a defensive foul or not and is it worth the attacker a penalty already or not.

The use of red cards

Can punish any player when you join the violent among players or aggressive behavior of one player towards another player, put him out of the game via the control of re-meeting by video or abolition of the penalty of expulsion.

Verification of the identity of the player

When signing the penalty of the error on the player other than the perpetrator of the wrong, can explain cross-ruling video plugin for who has made the mistake already.

But no government can video stop the match to correct the error, you should identify what already happened in the moments before resuming play again. However given the FIFA rule of the game right to punish the player has committed several errors are not counted during the Run of the game, when the alert rule video rule the game.

Where sits wisdom video?

In fact it is not a sentence one, but several judges sitting in a secluded room with a screen, pick up the corners of the stadium entirely via multiple cameras, and in contact by virtue of the game the Main to clean it of errors.

How to use the rule of the video plugin during the game?

When you experience one of the rulers of the video with the rule of the game master when an error occurs in the resolution, raise your hand Lennon players to that decision is under review via the governors of the video.

Or resort to arbitration rulers of the video before making a decision or when his desire to change his decision to doubt the authenticity ferry the rectangle with his hands. request the opinion of the judgment of the video.

Or review the budget to display the game again on the screen your playground to make sure the match referee of his decision, or revised decision of another. That does not mean waiting for the government to the decision of the governors of the video always, you have to make the decision always when his desire to review the budget you have to wait until the arrival of the ball for neutral before you stop play and request a video review.

Why did you decide FIFA use the technique of ruling the video plugin?

The main reason to use the technique of ruling the video plugin is to improve decision-making and to assist the rule of the game to steer it more precisely. Although it is the plague of their inability to know whether the decision under review or not, especially in playgrounds that do not contain large displays. But the FIFA is working to solve that problem.

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