After raising the issue … Apple says they don’t use face recognition systems in its stores

بعد رفع قضية عليها ... آبل تقول أنها لا تستخدم أنظمة التعرف على الوجه في متاجرها

A young man named Osman, Baja filed a case against Apple demanding them to pay one million dollars as compensation for his imprisonment due to a fatal error committed by the company to direct the charging authority, where the company has to send data screen and the image on his card with a photo of surveillance cameras systems, facial recognition company, according to reports, which in turn made the arrest on the Baja.

But after the start of the investigation, it turns out that tea does not have any relationship to the topic and the pictures that she sent the police to the investigator does not correspond to the form of the accused, and that the ID card was stolen, but because of the lack of a photo on the ID card of the apple she took a photo of someone else as to their compatibility with the data of the identity Osman Bah which originally wasn’t available in the entire area moment of occurrence of the theft.

This raised the ire of tea and wanted to exploit the position of a company like Apple to achieve the greatest benefit after caused by imprisonment, to raise the issue of a billion-dollar company to compensate him.

To come Apple TV confirm to The Verge that they don’t use face recognition systems in its stores, and that claim is not without merit. But the truth is that the company itself talked about the error of Apple’s Gross, before lifting the tea to his case to the court. However, the detective who was in charge of the case told the same website that the company does not use facial recognition technology in the full sense, but she used her cameras to get pictures of the person.

Maybe look case the variety of parties among denied Apple and tea, in addition to the blurred words of the detective. What will be the position of the company?

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