After OnePlus and Huawei.. the Oppo is bluffing users in the performance numbers

بعد وان بلس وهواوي.. أوبو تخادع المستخدمين في أرقام الأداء

Joined the company Oppo to the deceitful lusts in the results of measuring the performance of your phones, what is a pay site 3DMark delete phones F7 وFind X platform its a huge milestone that the company deceived users an increase in performance as a fake link to 41 percent.

The company OnePlus andHuawei they’ve done the same thing before, only to face harsh criticism as a result of doing them but Obi didn’t learn from it, and I did the same, did we find new companies to do the same thing in the future?

Commenting on the matter said the company UL Benchmarks that develops a platform 3DMark big and used by lots of professionals to test smart phones that OPPO Find X ranked seventh in the list of say smart phones on the platform and it is now in the lowest list, without assessment with the phones that are already in the cheat.

And corporate programmes and performance measurement in a very simple way, we have developed the lightness increases the performance of the phone when it detects run 3DMark what makes the phone to perform above the ordinary. This is the idea, which use Huawei by and used it to OPPO also had a comment Huawei is that they put the user experience above all and they put developed to increase the performance to benefit the user a justification is unacceptable. so why not clarify that this phase is clearly to open it and close it manually?

Or Oppo said it’s already discovered the name of the application 3DMark said pushing performance up, as a result where they are discover the names of the games in the same way to be performance enhancing when you open it, a justification might be acceptable to more than justify the Huawei at least.

It is believed by some specialists that this is already happening with a number of phones to other companies and not been discovered, but that what he did 3DMark it is possible to make companies back down from that or think in a new way it, or perhaps liking the platform 3DMark it or decide to cancel the assessments of all the phones and ends.

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