After more than two years.. Apple give up completely on the wireless charger AirPower

More than a year ago Apple announced the first device AirPower specialist in wireless charging for both devices phones Apple Days hours Apple and headphones need AirPods, where he says the new device to charge all those devices in one time and in less time according to Apple at that time.

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Since the announcement of the idea of your AirPower in 2017, he promised Apple users that the official launch of the device will be no later than by 2018, the information available about the device are extremely scarce.

Now, after 2018, Apple officially announced its abandonment of the idea of your AirPower final and non-intention to launch it in the markets according to what was announced by Apple’s senior vice president for devices Dan Ritchie that Apple decided to cancel the project, the wireless charger fully.

Richie said “after Apple to do its utmost in the work on the draft charging device wireless we determined that the new machine will achieve high standards, so we canceled the whole project. Apple is offering a full account of its customers and their users who look forward with passion to the launch of the new device, we provide them with promises to return in the future on other projects related with wireless charging”.


Apple releases a new version of AirPods

Apple launched recently a new version of the headset by wireless AirPods equipped fact wireless charging, which gave hope to its user about the intention of Apple to launch a device AirPower soon.

It is worth mentioning officially did not disclose to Apple at all about what’s going on around your AirPower, although many of the rumors launched by the engineers of Apple that the new device will not work.

Maybe look idea device wireless charger useful to a lot of Apple users who own many Apple products or even a family has multiple phones iPhone and to save time you want to charge them one at a time and in a manner faster than shipping traditional, so you see that Apple has treated Apple again on that thought differently to suit the need of users necessary.

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