After more than seven years, she’s still the apple of distinct charging port Lightning

As we all know the most important areas to connect power and data transmission now in the world of technology is the USB port types and on top of the USB-C, except that Apple is still a premium to the charging port Lightning of its own, although the Mac and all Apple devices desktop supports USB types this, of course, unlike the iPhone and iPad, which are still working with separate lightning.. have you ever wondered why? That’s what we’ll talk about today…

Apple Lightning Port

Apple Lightning Port

Why didn’t you use the Apple USB-C instead of Lightning it?

Our conversation now, as was mentioned before IS for mobile devices like iPhone and iPad which works the charging port/data transfer Lightning the beginning of 2012 to date and if you’re wondering why I didn’t use Apple’s USB-C port, then the answer is simply because it didn’t exist! This is where the iPhone 5 is the first one that came with a separate lightning in the year 2012 while the first version of the USB-C take out to the world in August 2014.

If we go back in time and heart, we’ll find that Apple phones by 2012 she was working at the entrance to the 30-Pin antique he created his company in 2002 at a time when devices iPod with huge popularity because the iPod was so popular and the charging cable was familiar to users, the company launched the iPhone first in 2007 with this author because at this time it was no longer a feature and label and not a flaw in the hardware.

Later over the years became the entrance to the 30-Pin very old, and then she wanted Apple to invent the entrance to the best -or the best technique – to transfer data and electricity at this time was a USB full of chaos, where there was a USB-A, miniUSB and microUSB. The last one was the best of those options, so that he comes to designing top-notch shape better capabilities and higher but it wasn’t comfortable for Apple, so that company then they want modern technology and is able to continue for another ten years.

Here ended the story where I started Apple in the development of the entrance to the Lightning before the years of the release of the first version of the USB-C and already Apple has succeeded in the Access, why they want it, where produced the entrance to skinny, strong, and also consistent with the trend where can be entered from both this is all in addition to being technical are adjustable with any new market, energy, electricity, smart phones, therefore, came out the entrance of the Lightning which works to charge an iPhone and an iPad, cable resources, Apple and even remote Apple.

Apple Lightning Port

Apple Lightning Port

What about the meantime? Are you expecting Apple to USB-C?

Yes, that’s a good question.. now technology USB-C at the peak of their proliferation in most eras, so why not Apple for that particular technique lightning approached its third year!

If we talk practically, then, yes Apple is able to transition to USB-C directly and rapidly at any time you want, but it in order to do that we will have to pay attention to some factors:


The entrance to the USB-C is in fact larger than the entrance to the Lightning this of the physical, in fact the difference is not big but it would be as well for Apple because the company is fighting for every millimeter extra to take advantage of them which explains why she abandoned the entrance to the heaven of 3.5 mm. And speaking of the entrance to heaven, do you think that Apple has abandoned them in order to provide additional space to USB-C? Of course not!


People have relied on Lightning so that this technique is already used in tens devices have Apple between the iPhone and iPad and also devices and accessories many other this to the side that the Chargers Lightning kind of special for Apple devices, on the other hand techniques wireless charging level in growth and development while the entrance to the Lightning is already sufficient.


Because Lightning the king of Apple, it knows we have a lot of profit, every company would like to manufacture a product that supports this technology must pay for Apple TV, also you can Apple TV control the quality and ensure that the accessories that work with the organs and their quality high.

What do you think about this? If you are a user of Apple devices, you will transition to the USB-C or not?



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