After issuing Y7 Prime 2019.. Huawei launches “laptop” in the Egyptian market for the first time

Began Huawei Huawei sell a range of new electronics in Egypt, today, after its launch yesterday
Device “laptop” in the Egyptian market for the first time, the two (MATEBOOK X PRO) and(MATEBOOK D), in addition to the tablet “tablet” (MEDIA PAD M5 LITE), the Smart Watch (HUAWEI WATCH GT).

He said Keith Lee, vice president of Huawei Egypt, during the press conference for”Huawei”: “we have confidence that our new products will succeed in the Egyptian market gradually because we have the ingredients for success that are not possessed by rivals”.
And the prices of the new devices released by Huawei for the first time in Egypt, Keith told me :”the price of the laptop (MATEBOOK X PRO) reaches 36,888 pounds, and (MateBook D) inform 20,388 pounds, the tablet (Media Pad M5 Lite) Weber price 6,199 pounds, and finally the former at the price of 5,125 pounds bracelet leather, 4,759 pounds to the bracelet sports”.

It is noteworthy that “Huawei” has succeeded in selling 100 million devices globally by the end of 2018, the Rose will last few days after the released its youth Y7 Prime 2019, which priced its 3,200 pounds, which is characterized by its design which resembles a digital camera, as it supported the back with a dual 13MP camera + 2 MP, front camera of 16-megapixel.

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