After his sales weak, you missed the Apple in the estimation of sales of the iPhone X?

Despite the fact that Apple is one of the giants of smart phone industry during the ten years previous, but it seems that they made a mistake already in the estimation of the sales your phone its last iPhone X, which was released last November at a price of $ 1000 to become the most expensive Phone of the company.

According to a new report Apple American is now trying to deal with the excess number of phones iPhone X that was manufactured, where it noted that the company has to manufacture a large number of phones in the last quarter of last year with the expectation of great success for the phone.

With the completion of the production during the first quarter of 2018, the company produced 8 million phone only, which refers, according to the report to the low turnout on the purchase of the phone. And the company sold during the holiday fourth quarter from last year’s 77.3 million iPhone, where according to reports the proportion of 27 per cent of them only are sales of iPhone X, which has not been recognized by the company officially.

According to one source that quotes him the report there is an important question in the Apple company even now whether it will be another phone priced at $ 1000, however, other reports indicate that there is a great diversity coming in the phones, there will come a phone cheaper than the regular phone more expensive than iPhone X starts its price of $ 1100, where the alternative would be the owner of a larger screen for the next generation of iPhone X. according to this report, the company might decline to issue the phones at cheaper prices to achieve greater sales.

This is not the first time that the publication of news relating to the sales of iPhone X weak, where a number of suppliers who work with Apple may have already suffered from the weakness in sales during the financial period, what turned out in the quarterly financial reports of profit for them.

And it seems that iPhone X is an Apple product the only one that misjudged the future, where apparently allowing groups HomePod smartphone produced by Apple at a high price do not achieve the desired which makes it impossible to hear the company’s smart-unknown until now with the presence of strong competition from Google Amazon.

This subject after his sales weak, you missed the Apple in the estimation of sales of the iPhone X? Appeared first on say Delta technology.

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