After hacked Facebook tips to protect your data and your privacy

The issue of access consulting firm political data of 50 million users on Facebook and use it in the shader and target ads political, disinterested the shock of a strong public opinion not only in the United States but in the whole world.

There is no doubt that the social network the largest in the world used the wrong way in the upcoming U.S. presidential elections in 2016 based on that there is serious talk about obstructing democracy there.

The hack is not in the traditional sense has obtained the data handed users will for some applications that are waiting on the site, such as “know your future” “your digital life” “who are visiting your page more personal” but a lot of them don’t know what kind of data was delivered after the approval to give the authority for those applications.

And the media to highlight the issue of data gathered by this organization and how it can used in harm to users.

Currently investigations are ongoing and criticisms relate to the rules of the direction of the company, which lost at least $ 60 million in stock as a result of this case, there are no stats for the number of accounts that have been disabled in the drive clips the social network the largest in the world.

And everyone in the AD about deleting their accounts from facebook and twitter through tweets expressing anger the common people of this region.

In this article we will look into tips to protect your data and your privacy, which is an existing article for those who wish to stay on this product.


  • Stay away from apps competitions and the personal on Facebook

There are lots of applications available on Facebook which is used by millions of users of this platform and are engaged by its content.

These applications usually are for competitions and the automatic content added to the analysis applications of personal disclosure of some facts.

Among these applications locally we find “know your lover from your friends,” “the more people you communicate with” “Will you be wealthy in the future” “how would you be by 2025” “will also almost” “who visits your profile page over the” Add to applications such as the deployment of the radio path automatically on Facebook or posting prayers and examples and information.

All this applications are in fact asking you as the user of the validity of the posting on your behalf on your profile page, and if focused you will find that some of them gets access to your private information including your location, your date of birth, read the messages on Messenger, keep track of likes and interaction that you’ve done, access to your comments and other sensitive data.

In fact, using similar apps have been collecting a lot of data on 50 million users and to make them available to buy consulting us called Cambridge Analytica used for influencing those to vote for Donald Trump, this form of shock.

The shock reveal that the company not only gathered the data for commercial purposes as it claims but also for political purposes, thus you can easily affect public opinion in a particular country for the heart of the system which included Chaos or stir up conflict within the community.

It’s time to use those applications in order to reduce the risk of using your data against you or for sordid political ends.


  • Change privacy settings

Provide ves and K privacy settings which are expected to be on the lookout and customized to make the home a friend of your privacy.

Go to Settings then the tab privacy, Privacy will be a number of settings is important, including who can see your activities, you alone or your friends or be available to everyone.

Who can see your posts that you post, by default, will be for friends only or to the general public or for you only.

You can control who can search for you and find you and send friend requests to you, where you can disable them by keeping them just friends of friends.

As settings let you control who can see your phone number data and other information and publications.


  • Beware of your friends

When you receive a friend request it is wrong to provide for acceptance of applications without investigating the identity of these requests and stands behind her.

Some of the accounts are fake and can be in the case of many fake accounts you have within the contacts that are considered to your account fake and suspicious, therefore you’ll find that Facebook ask you to prove identity.

Also the number of those accounts may be used against you like to be of a certain entity spying on us and following your posts to your friends only or used to attack them in the comments disgraceful and malicious links.

Don’t forget to make a list of friends you have grant available to anyone else, or at least for self only.


  • See third-party applications and suspicious

Provided for Facebook developers and owners of sites and software to enable their apps and their sync with personal accounts and use them in the registry as well as in the login or even the availability of the right to those services in direct publishing as your public or personal page.

Through the settings go to the Applications tab, and that you can control who can see that you are using certain apps, it’s best to keep it only for myself.

On the other hand, Unscrew the Connect your account with apps and services you no longer use or don’t know and when you give authority to access your account or use it for purposes such as log in or registration in the service.


  • Activate protection features developed

Provide Facebook several security features developed that will help you to enhance the protection of your account.

You can access these features by going to Settings then the tab protection and log in the “Security and Login” and then through “Setting Up Extra Security” you’ll find three security options of activating two-step verification and also activate to notify you of any logins an unusual and suspicious and you can also assign up to 5 people close to you as trusted and reliable in helping you to recover your account in case of theft.


  • Warn your friends of the same thing.

Hacked accounts of your friends or their privacy raise the likelihood of that with you also, and is to raise awareness among friends and push them away from suspicious apps and competitions that engaged their results and boast about them.

You can simply share with them this article by sending the link to them either post on your personal account or by sending it to the reliable you have to.


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