After Google.. Intel and Qualcomm pre decree stopped its dealings with Huawei

Reported by Bloomberg on Monday that the manufacturers of electronic chips of America: Intel, andQualcomm, andBroadcom, has suspended its dealings with the company Huawei, in compliance with the decision issued by the U.S. government to include the Chinese company on its list Business black.

She said the agency news: the off Intel, Qualcomm, bed charges its dealings with Huawei would enter into force immediately, so after hours of turning off Google ‘s work, which require the transfer of the products of this programming with the police; with the exception of those covered by the licenses of the open source.

Under Google’s decision, the Huawei will immediately lose access to updates of the operating system Android, as do smart phones, the future that is sold outside of China access to applications, services common to the Android platform, including: Google Play Store, the application e-mail service Gmail.

The war seems to be waged on the Huawei will not be limited to American companies, as reported the newspaper “Nikkei” Nikkei Japanese company manufacturing electronic chips German “Infineon” Infineon also disrupted shipments to Huawei.

The decision of the company “even” stop the registration process after the decision of the US Commerce Department last Thursday, which matches U.S. companies to obtain licensing in the case of shipping products to the Chinese company. The resolution of each foreign company using a certain amount of American technology in products sold to Huawei.

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According to Bloomberg, he informed the staff of the company, the chip industry of America that their company will freeze deal supply chain with Huawei until further notice. And Intel Huawei processors for personal computers and servers, while providing Qualcomm Intel processors and Information smart phones.

He stated a separate report to Bloomberg that Huawei was preparing for such a resolution, sought by City Financial to reduce its dependence on the electronic chips of corporate America, they have the arm of a special name of “high silicone” HiSilicon develops no processors and modems for smartphones.

With regard to operating systems, has unveiled Huawei chief executive (Richard Yu) in his recent interview with the newspaper “De Welt” Die Welt that the German company is working on systems running an alternative to Android and Windows, has started work on an alternative to Android since 2012.

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