After China, Samsung postpone launch of Galaxy Fold in Singapore, and Spain

After the news about the postponed launch of the phone “Galaxy Fuld” Galaxy Fold, and related events in China, decided Samsung did the same thing in Singapore and Spain, which was scheduled to hold company events, launch in all countries, on 24 April.

Police confirmed the South Korean local media there that the events of the launch had been postponed, and the launch of the phone on 26 April in the United States; did not change until now.

Transfer site Channel News Asia Singapore on a Samsung spokesman as saying: “in light of recent comments on a limited number of units of the media review of the Galaxy Fuld, the Samsung will take to ensure that units of the Galaxy Fuld in optimal shape for your experience at the event”. This; has earned a position Hipertextual Spanish to assert itself in relation to the limits of all in Spain.

It is indicated that Samsung had confirmed that earlier customers in more than ten European markets will be able to request “Galaxy Fuld” as of 26 April 2019, the start put on 3 May.

Comes to postpone the launch of the phone “Galaxy Fuld” in China in the wake of the leaflets published last Wednesday on social networking sites; and reported that the phone is suffering from a glitch in the screen for some reviewers, journalists, and so after just a day or two of use.

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For its part, the company said the Samsung: it had received reports of “a few” for damage to screen samples from her smart phone rollaway, which is that it may increase the likelihood of difficult to have a phone acceptance in the market, especially that it will remain at an exorbitant price capacity of 1,980 USD.

Samsung said in a statement: “We will do these units accurately … determine the cause of the problem”. Re the problem of the screen in the phone “Galaxy Fuld” to mind the problems encountered by Samsung with the phone “Galaxy Note” Galaxy Note7 in 2016, as a result of defects in the battery and to the ignition of the fire in some of the units, or explosion, which forced Samsung to call and cancel sales of the phone. This led the recovery to erase almost all profits in the Department of mobile phones from Samsung, in the third quarter of 2016.

Includes phone “Galaxy Fuld” of the South Korean company of smart phones traditional, but it opens like a book to reveal a second screen size of tablet computers is small, and the measurement of 7.3 inches. In addition to having a small screen outside.

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