After Brazil; Samsung Malaysia used images of DSLR camera to promote it as a phone A8 Star

بعد البرازيل؛ سامسونج ماليزيا تستخدم صور كاميرا DSLR للترويج على أنها لهاتف A8 Star

Apparently, Samsung and Huawei do not want to recreation for all the cars with their phones available and vulnerable for what they are, where to use images captured with a camera professional DSLR isn’t over, where she completed Samsung its journey in Malaysia having started in fake in Brazil.

The company said the Samsung branch in Malaysia promoted for its Galaxy A8 Star and his camera by buying photos from the site Getty for the Serbian Doña Judith, which appear in the form of portraiture, and then displayed on the website of the company on the basis that they are pictures of the phone.

And the comic after she placed the picture on the website of Getty and his partner EyeEm she got a letter stating that her photo was bought, and was curious, after days of search on the web using images to any person or website is going to show her, but the surprise was the fact that Samsung did buy them and then put them on the site as for the A8 Star.

Illustrate the comic that the company fiddled with her image to show the difference between imaging in the normal mode and isolation during the development of the portraiture, but use a different background for it. Be this as Fell great to have the Korean company whether it is about the use of different images to trick users, or even for download on picture Donnie. Judith and.

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