After accident New Zealand tragic.. Facebook is facing criticism by deleting the 1.5 million video

Fierce criticism faced by site Facebook, after the broadcast of live accident New Zealand terrorist, who killed more than 50 people, where came the reply networking site famous across the confirmation to delete about 1.5 million video for the bloody, was this enough?

Facebook status update of New Zealand

A state of sadness took control of on Friday, in the wake of the tragic incident, which occurred last Friday, inside the mosque, Christchurch, New Zealand, which resulted in the martyrdom of more than 50 people, at the hands of Australian, Brenton Tara, the perpetrator of the crime and its source, where the grief and anger, by the live broadcast of that crime, cross-platform Facebook.

Shown Facebook across a number of tweets site Twitter, his full share of all of the watched videos, private need to update New Zealand, noting further that, during the first 24 hours of the occurrence of the disaster, the deletion of approximately 1.5 million video for that crime, among them, about 1.2 million videos have been deleted before the show, and is now deleted all the other videos, which were modified for the process of blood, he saw many that weren’t enough, among them a number of officials from New Zealand.

The wrath of the government

Revealed Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda are, about the intention of the investigation in the crisis of recent Facebook, where she explained during a press conference held Sunday in the capital of New Zealand, Wellington, they are faced with operations manager site Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg, on the repercussions of the crisis of broadcast video recent crime.

Said Jane: “I didn’t connect with the Sheryl Sandberg directly, but I sure know the full details of that crisis, as I’ll take it up with officials of the Facebook initiative in the near future to discuss those issues”, adding: “We have during the recent period, exert all our energies in order to delete video of the incident the mosque of Christchurch, but it is also available on some social media platforms, claim to facilitate the operations to delete those sections as soon as possible”.

It is worth noting that although Facebook delete the complete article and the crime appalling, which lasts for 16 minutes, only to sites and other platforms such as YouTube and Twitter, has failed to control the torrent of videos that have been downloaded to the incident in the wake of its commission.

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