After a short period of advertising for the car Tesla Model Y, the company Tesla Zhuge truck small electric


Revealed company Tesla recently unveiled its electric car SUV Tesla Model Y, as well as the thrill of the electric vehicle again as long as he waits a lot of teachers. Said CEO of Tesla, Mr. Elon Musk earlier that his company will manufacture truck is a small electric type Pick-up Truck, and has now posted a photo of the trailer on the Twitter network. Not to reveal too many details, but this teaser was enough to arouse the interest of a large number of teachers.

I offered Tesla already has the image on the screen for several seconds during the announcement of the car Tesla Model Y new, but it seems that someone had not paid a lot of attention. So has Elon Musk to publish that picture turn on the network Twitter, a tweet that received a lot of attention, just as do the tweets Elon Musk.

Description Elon Musk this truck is a small electric as a truck ” Cyberpunk ” inspired by the movie Blade Runner. There is a lot of details at the moment, as the photo headline itself make it difficult to understand any part of the car was a thrill.

Use many of the fan of Tesla, this teaser create designs imagine and embody through their expectations for truck Tesla electric small. Because the part that shows in the photo of the painting seems too long for the hood, there is a belief among teachers that the image displays the cover of the container background. Others complain that the angle is misleading and may be the front facade of the truck, small electric already.

Only Tesla is that you know what he knows of this teaser already, and will not reveal to us the company about the final design of this truck small electric only after a long period of time.


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