After a long wait the package of Office 365 are now available on the store Mac App Store

بعد طول انتظار حزمة أوفيس 365 متوفرة الآن على متجر Mac App Store

Was Apple had promised at its annual conference last year to provide the package of Microsoft Office 365 on her own store to their operating system, Mac to today, and officially continue in the “Mac app store” which means that all the Microsoft Office applications have become available now; which includes the application of Word Excel been in addition to apply the notes to OneNote and the Cloud Storage OneDrive with the option of a subscription package of Office 365 through the app.

With the availability of the package in the store Mac software has become the user now goes through the conversion mandatory for those applications which were made through the Microsoft website only, this is a comfortable and easy way is not the conditions the services of a Office 365 curve suggests that those applications found specially for this system the existence of those features which singled out Microsoft’s Office apps copy Mac like night وContinuity Camera etc scans your photos and files.

The packages are available to the user in a demo for a month and then leave after that cost$ 70 a year for individual use the home version which is up the number of users in six people are at a cost of$ 100 per year saving per user 60 minutes of Skype per month in addition to the area of cloud storage of 2 Terra bytes.

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