After a long wait.. the official version of the for ECG hours Apple

بعد طول انتظار.. الإصدار الرسمي لميزة تخطيط القلب بساعات أبل

Finally after a long wait, Apple has announced the released for the night, and in the ECG “ECG”, which is available in the Apple Watch, to the things so much on the patients and doctors at once.

The Apple Watch and

Is there something better than a digital watch, relay the heart rate regularly, for its owner in time before the occurrence of the crisis? This is the question posed by Apple without the need to answer without a doubt, where trust of the famous American company in the capacity of the Apple Watch multiple advantages, which supplied finally with a plan to, they can follow the health status of the user very precisely.

Expect the newest feature from Apple, via the Apple Watch smart Apple Watch Series 4 supported last versions of WatchOS, which has become ready for download since a few hours to the users.

The feature works with Apple through your app, and put one finger on your smart device for 30 seconds only, is sufficient for the Read rate of the heartbeat, either check the user on the state of his health or for his guidance to visit the doctor, also the property of Health save the reading for the PDF file, so it can be sent to the doctor without leaving home.

Only for customers in America

It was characteristic ECG available hours Apple, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, since for quite some time, but that consideration reliable those of healthy water, does not mean the possibility to use them outside the borders of the United States, where property in America only, so far.

It confirms the specialists that for both the feature ECG, or water other available hours Apple, and in determining the disorder of the heartbeat known as atrial fibrillation, the both are not in any way imply the possibility of dependence on them instead of the doctor, but the features new Apple is supposed to stimulate, on the contrary, any visit to the doctor to check or treatment.

It is worth mentioning that it was announced for the first time on the characteristics of the ECG available hours Apple, during the Apple conference for 2018, which held the law of Steve Jobs, California, in the month of September last.

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