After a long wait Farm Game Stardew Valley is now available on Android

بعد طول انتظار لعبة المزرعة Stardew Valley متاحة الآن على أندرويد

Farm Game Stardew Valley, which originally released on computers that are running Windows 2016, then we saw her rolling on the platform the other operating, which was the latest iOS system and specifically in October of last year, to come this day the declaration officially about the availability of the game Stardew Valley on Android operating system.

So support the game now most operating systems including Windows, Android, iOS, Xbox One, Mac and Linux-finally, the PS4 and Nintendo Switch, without it the game comes on Android with the same features and tools, the goal is one which is distinct in the construction of the farm you travel, through the construction processes, investment and harvesting crops and omentum control animal and more.

In relation to the price of the game Stardew Valley, they are not free, which is available for download at the price of 7.99$, the user gets the full experience, and not spend more money.

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