After 6 years of development.. release date Game Of Days Gone

Can Sony Bend this week to launch the game Days Gone, so after 6 years of development, his team Sucker Punch to get to the content of technology like the players, according to Sony Bend will be playing available on devices PlayStation 4 only.

The Sony Bend has announced the end of 2018 for Game version the Action Days Gone in February 2019, but it has postponed the release date until the end of April 2019.

Information about the game of Days Gone

The game of Days Gone By open-world games of the quality of action and excitement, used the second perspective namely, that the hero appears fully on the screen. Work began on the development of the game 2013 any 6 years ago at the hands of the development team Sucker Punch.

Using the game engine Unreal Engine 4 , which engine is capable of producing millions of particles without affecting the performance of the game, allowed the game dynamically, which is the engine used by many games of the series Mass Effect and a series of jersey of Beyond and the Batman series of the series Tom Clancy’s splinter torrent.

Co-Game Of Days Gone show a demo during the E3 expo for the years 2016, 2017 and 2018, which included presentations and live demonstration of the tasks performed by the player, has the game got positive feedback through their participation.

The events of the game action Days Gone

Spin the events of the game in the time of the collapse of humanity due to an epidemic in all over the world, causing epidemic in the conversion of millions of human beings to the creatures of the wild more like the zombies you hear in the game as Freaks.

There are two types of monsters or Freaks in the game, the first type allows Hordes the hordes of monsters running after you, it is proven that they always find their way to reach you no matter what the obstacles, as they are quick, the second type allows Newts and that kind of monsters sneaking up to you and appear suddenly from where Don’t know.

The balance in the game another type of the enemies of the humans, who are trying to get anything from you for their lives in this frightening world, it is expected to encounter wild animals during the game.

Focus the events of the game on the hero “decor” screen that surrounds the troubled life, the same print sharp and violent, maybe because of the joining of the gang of motorcycles in the earlier period of his life, which is wandering from place to place, killing monsters for money.

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