After 28 years of its launch.. IMDb offering a service to stream videos and movies online for free!

For a long time, since its launch on October 17, 1990, the proposed activity of the “Internet Movie Database” Internet Movie Database IMDb to provide data movies, TV shows, video games and fictional characters in the various works of art, to become the site of its large database of films online, and in order to entice the American giant “Amazon” Amazon acquisitions, in 1998.

Today, I decided to IMDb the launch of the platform is free to broadcast videos and films, for commercial breaks, a platform for “unique fencing” Freedive, available only for the American audience until now.

Access to the service “unique fencing” through the website IMDb, and log in via an account on IMDb or Amazon, and can also login via Facebook account Facebook or Gmail Gmail, and then enjoy dozens of movies and TV shows, documentaries…, in addition to the series IMDb Originals, which offer a range of programs exclusive of the production of IMDb itself.

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