After 15 years.. Lenovo set phones Motorola Razr to the lights

A dramatic comeback for one of the most handsets famous in the beginning of the 21st century, and in phone Motorola Razr, which will be about the company Lenovo , but after making adjustments.

The return of the Motorola Razr

In 2004, she appeared devices Motorola Razr for the first time in the global markets, where the most popular remarkable in that period, what it looks like and that it will encourage manufacturers to recreate the spirit of those successful series of phones once again, after 15 years of their first appearance.

Decided by company Lenovo, re-manufacturing and selling phones, Motorola Razr, with the participation of one of the most popular mobile communications companies in the United States, Verizon, according to the newspaper Wall Street, which has confirmed that Lenovo will series phones Motorola Razr to the lights of new adjusted in the month of February next, and 200,000 copies.

Amendments terrified.

The first of the amendments anticipated for Lenovo old in its new form, the Motorola Razr, consists in giving the phone water associated by the users of smart phones now, and the screen folding to bend the display down the middle by a detailed, allow him closure fully without a wrinkle, speculations suggest that the phones Razr Modern will be based on OLED technology for the screens, where we know that the technical representative is only designed to bend and the curvature of the screen with great flexibility, without fracture or something.

As for the value price for Motorola Razr amended, making their prices to about $ 1500 according to the Wall Street Journal, which reveal the high price the value of those phones, which was valued at about $ 600, only with the appearance of her first years ago, a price that was too high at this time.

It is worth mentioning that the year 2019 is not supposed to witness the exciting start, the smartphones loaded screen is capable of flexing, so make sure that on the 20th of next February, you will witness revealed the company Samsung for her phone, folding, long-awaited by users eager for that property, note that the company will be within the same day also for a Galaxy S10.

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