After 10 years, Gemini will catch up with Amazon. A loud statement of the Bitcoin billionaires

Known Bitcoin-billionaire Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss in an interview with The Daily Telegraph, talked about his start in Cryptoprotected and reflect on the future of the Gemini. As told by Cameron that they first learned about bitcoin in 2012.

Somehow during a holiday in Ibiza, the brothers asked if they had heard about “the secret virtual money”that is exchanged through the Internet to a limited circle of people. Then, employers almost immediately decided to invest in a new technology almost all the money earned thanks to Facebook.

The winklevoss once again spoke on the topic of the bearish stock market, which devalued the Bitcoin more than 80 percent. As noted Tyler, they don’t follow the price of BTC every day. The brothers believe that cryptocurrency will show new highs. It sounds particularly optimistic. Especially when you consider that they invested in the largest cryptocurrency including the price of 18 thousand dollars.

Cameron Winklevoss recommended to stay away from investing in cryptocurrency to those who sweat, worrying about price spikes. He also said that they have created crypto currency exchange Gemini in 10 years will catch up with Amazon.

Entrepreneurs are not spared, and the theme of native cryptocurrency social network Facebook called Facebook Coin. On the issue of launching its own cryptocurrency the web giant brethren unanimously replied in the affirmative. According to Cameron, it’s really “would have played into the hands of cryptoprotection”.

Previously they have said that “money is the oldest social network”. And there is a high probability that the largest cryptocurrency could potentially transfer it to a new level.

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