Africa saw the world’s first election on the blockchain

In early December, the Venezuelan President announced the creation of a national cryptocurrency. At the end of the month, Nicolas Maduro, have provided the coin with oil and in addition promised to strengthen its position in diamonds and gold. After Venezuela, the technologies on which cryptocurrency works, was interested in Sierra Leone. March 15, the country held the first round of elections, the votes which were counted using the blockchain.

Elections in the blockchain

The development of the system of counting votes was involved in a startup the CEO of Agora Leonard Gammar. According to him, in the future the company intends to distribute the product to other African countries and then the rest of the world.

Sierra Leone wants to create a trusting atmosphere for voters in the event of a contested election, especially for public evaluation after the elections. Using the blockchain as a immutable tool for keeping track of ballots and voting results, the country hopes to legitimize the elections and to reduce criticism from the opposition parties.

The company noted that the blockchain — the only technology able to make elections transparent and fair.

Blockchain is changing not only policy — with the help of technology distribution registry and cryptocurrency charitable organizations will be able to avoid scandals related to misappropriation of funds, I am sure the founder of the Grace Token Michael Jung. Sent to charity money in the form of cryptocurrency traditionally not return and affect the way they are spending. Now people will be able to see the time and conditions of each donation, he adds.

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