Adventure game Minit is now available for download prior to Android

لعبة المغامرة Minit متاحة الآن للتسجيل المُسبق على أندرويد

The team announced the action Devolver Digital about the intention to release the game by the famous Minit on Android, where in the beginning was the launch of the game adventure this to computers was Xbox as well as pain in the last year, it was known were coming game on the Android platform, and now available for pre-order, which means near the official announcement and full not on mobile phones.

For this game, as we have pointed out the interference of in adventure games, and what distinguishes them is the style of game, where you have to leave for a maximum of 60 seconds, and when you watch the video below, you will notice the focus the game on the stylish graphics based on pixels in black and white, it will provide the tools to in width from top to bottom and other items will touch.

As for the way you play in a Minit, will start your first tour to capture your personality and Sword of the Damned, and at this point, you have sixty seconds to try to lift the curse before you die, and progress through access to places of convenience, and you’ll need to search in these areas to make sure you will not lose any momentum.

Finally, there is no additional information about this release, so it’s still unknown in relation to the cost of the game and the deadline to launch, and fortunately, the submitted version of the game on iOS, some information, where the game will be launched at a price of 3.99$ on the 27th of this month, so it is supposed to keep track of birds you have no idea what to expect about the game Minit in Android

لعبة المغامرة Minit متاحة الآن للتسجيل المُسبق على أندرويد

Must submit to the Apple App Store, some of the ideas because it lists the game for pre-order at $ 3.99 with a release date of June 27. Supposed that this gives a better idea of what to expect, although it is doubtful that the iOS version will be launched at the same time the price of Android version, so take these details with a grain of salt.

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