Ads trailer hints at coming Phone Oppo F11 Pro with the screen frame slim and front camera pop up

Oppo f11 pro

We got many leaks that revealed us about the design that will come out of the phone for Oppo F11 Pro coming from the company Oppo, but it would be nice to always get assurances from the company itself to consolidate the information we have. It has been today published a video trailer of the new YouTube video trailer else on the Twitter network.

Video headline first known to us the phone for Oppo F11 Pro with a screen covering all the front-end and without pieces, it presents us the back of the phone with a layer of glass curved and graded, and with the front camera emanates from the top frame of the device. When I look at the phone, you will notice frame slim phone screen, but above and exposed to the deception, so we will have to wait until it is officially announced the phone to make sure whether the phone screen for Oppo F11 Pro has really framed very skinny. You can also see the phone in blue, flowing Violet and green at the end of the video.

Video painting which was posted on the Twitter network is centered on what you call a company for Oppo screen name panoramic, which is a great name for a totally free piece, and cover a very large percentage of the interface device.

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