Ads new festive drain your battery Android devices

Revealed a new investigation on the advertisements probability of using Android devices to improve advertising revenue without the user’s knowledge.

Describes the investigation that some of the banner ads traditional applications hiding behind several videos advertising profitable drain battery power and internet data, and because they hide behind fixed images not the user knows of their existence.

And occupation education video ad that was shared by users, by virtue of it caught the user’s computer -even if it was without seeing it – the so-called generating profits from them.

And professional way such as “Overstock ad” (Ad Stacking). Says Assaf Greene, president of the company Protected Media , which conducted the investigation they discovered a new version of it last fall, it has been observed that the office was behind these ads and tens of millions of dollars per month.

According to the report, the app developers are not to blame; they were surprised to the flow of complaints about draining apps battery devices, users and consumption and a larger share than usual of internet data. Due to the advertising networks that come with IT application developers have been hacked from the content of the two, has been tracking investigation of fraudulent ads to the company Aniview which denied its involvement.

Ad-standby does not harm the user and application developers, but also harm the industry of advertising as well; the crooks who are buying small enough banners and ads simple, but their icon ads videos expensive to make profits is not stable.

Finally, it seems that this kind of needs will not disappear soon, because it is difficult to deal with because the ads are not visible to the user, it is advised that when in doubt in such a problem, such as note drain the battery quickly compared to before days, you can experience the use of the application of special control the battery consumption or data, to find out which app is causing the problem and experience uninstall it and tell the developer.

Source: BuzzFeed

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