Ads coming to WhatsApp soon in the TAB “status”

Said that Brian Acton the co-founder of WhatsApp earlier that Mark Zuckerberg the CEO of Facebook plans to reap the profits from the chat app famous even before the completion of the acquisition in 2014.

After a series of speculations confirmed Chris Daniel, president of WhatsApp that ads are coming to the app within a short time, it is estimated that companies are able to reach users in a portal tab the “status” Status which reaches a number of users to 450 million daily active users according to the latest financial report issued by Facebook.

Given that Facebook continues to emphasize that it depends on the encryption mode “of user-to-user” end-to-end in the application of WhatsApp, this means that it will not collect information from application directly, but that would be based on the system of own ads to Facebook cross-linking of phone numbers registered within the application WhatsApp data Facebook to provide targeted ads.

Not yet clear when it will start WhatsApp in ads to its users exactly, but projections indicate it will appear first to users of the Apple system iOS before you begin to appear for users of the Android system.

Do you think this will affect the privacy and pays users for Migration about other apps? Share your opinion in the comments.

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