Adobe unveils a version Photoshop CC for iPad

أدوبي تكشف عن نسخة Photoshop CC لأجهزة آيباد

Adobe announced today at its conference held in Los Angeles for her work to launch a copy of Photoshop CC with an iPad in the next year to 2019, which will, of course, the program’s users enjoy a new experience adjustments on photos in Apple devices directly, but will not be all the properties available in beginning fiddle in the desktop version, where the company promised to add with the passage of time, come to the current step of the company under the plan pursued in bringing their applications to the creative well-known system of Creative Cloud to a large number of platforms and expand their spread.

In time that will launch the company a copy of its program for the iPad you’ll be fisting nicely with all version of Photoshop other, which will make adjustments to files with the format of PSD across the different devices is seamless saving of time, however, the thing that may be a source of reflection is the mechanism of action of the new which will be based mainly on touch, you’ll be a different experience entirely to the user who is accustomed to icons, symbols and layers in the desktop version, which of course will be brought under the operations of the mechanism of touch, which will, of course, the electronic pen which will have an important role to play here.

It is important which noted no Adobe to Photoshop CC, the new iPad, it will be the same power and performance as well as for the editing, modification, copy the desktop, where the company said that all women share the same configuration database icons, it seems to wait until the launch company for the new and learning more about their characteristics, the extent of the fulfillment of the company’s promise to its terms expressed the intention to enable users of its programs accomplish their work from anywhere, in a due launch of the women work to launch special edition phones in the coming days, to complete the cycle cloud her creative delivery of Ghaith for each place already.

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