Adobe said when they will released full Photoshop for iPad

Adobe is really determined to release a full version of Photoshop for iPad. The representatives of the Studio announced during the conference, Adobe MAX 2018, which was held today in Los Angeles. According to General Director of the Studio of Scott Belsky, will release in 2019. The upcoming version of Photoshop will have to rely on using cloud Cloud format PSD, which will allow the editor to track changes in the project and synchronize them with other devices. Thus several users can simultaneously edit the image, regardless of platform.

The basic idea that underlies Photoshop is cross-platform, explains Scott Belsky. For Adobe it is extremely important that users were not restricted in their right to use Photoshop on different devices. We decided to take the editor to the cloud, implementing the concept of the Cloud PSD. This format is very convenient because it blurs the boundaries between platforms, removing the concept of files and file system on the second plan.

Photoshop is the most convenient editor for iPad

At the same time, emphasizes a top Manager, Photoshop for iPad will be a completely stand-alone application, independent from connection to the Network. According to him, the editor will store all necessary information in a cache on the user side. Therefore, said a top Manager, you will be able to get the tablet, open the project that you edited on the computer and start working in Photoshop, wherever you are, even on the top of the highest mountain.

Why on the iPad no full-fledged Photoshop

One of the main reasons that prevent Adobe to release a full-fledged Photoshop for the iPad, may be the lack of performance of current generation models that are based on obsolete chipsets. But the new iPad Pro is another matter entirely. Tablets the 2018 model year, whose presentation is expected literally any day, will receive not only a breakthrough “stone” A12X made for 7-nm process technology, but also edge-to-edge display, much more suitable for graphics work.

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