Adobe Premiere Rush for Android will be released in 2019

Adobe officially announced the release of Adobe Premiere Rush for Android in 2019. This app should be perfect for YouTube bloggers who are important to the quality of installation. Rush is a stripped-down version of the popular Adobe Premiere Pro. The first Premiere of Rush was shown at VidCon. This conference is a favorite “youtubers”. VidCon has been held for 8 consecutive years in the United States, and in 2017, the conference was officially launched in Europe.

This year the conference was held from 10 to 13 July. In these days was shown Premiere Rush. The main difference between Rush from Premiere Pro was a simplified interface. The office was adapted for mobile devices. A lot of functions in Rush based on the action of “drag and drop”.

Rush users can create a custom splash screen with animation using Motion Graphics without having to use After Effects, and audio can be edited without Audition.

Rush also allows you to publish video on multiple platforms and to view videos on different devices thanks to cloud storage. It will save bloggers a lot of time.

Now a little about the prices. Subscription Adobe Premiere Rush valued at $ 9.99 per month. You can also purchase a full subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud Suite worth 52,99 USD per month. Subscribers Rush will be available 100 GB of cloud storage, but can be expanded up to 10 TB for additional cost.

For fun, I downloaded the Rush and tested it. To this for installation on both iOS and Android I used Premiere Clip. Rush, in my opinion, is just a highly processed version Clip. Functions in Rush are very similar, but the interface compared to the Clip much more enjoyable.

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