Adobe left the data of the 7.5 million users of its services without encryption

Found out recently that data about 7.5 million users services Adobe left exposed in the database is not encrypted, suggest recent reports that the company handled the problem.

Not the database contains any passwords or payment information, but she provided accurate information about millions of user accounts, including user names and condition of the estate.

Warn experts in the field of information security that if one of the hackers to obtain this data, the Adobe customers who leaked their data will face a great danger in the possibility of ticking the victims of the attacks to the site, which are often aimed at getting the payment data, or account data.

In this case, did not leak only the data looks simple, but it allows the hackers use are developed to target users, who should make sure the e-mails they receive about the operations of the payment or recovery of passwords.

Source: Gizmodo

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