Adobe launches the application authentication Adobe Authenticator to calculate its

Most of the Messaging apps and social have factor of authentication (the process of two-step verification) in the settings by default, as well as various Google services, on the other hand there are apps to help in this area. This is what encouraged the company to Adobe in order to secure accounts in the same idea, through launch development of its new Adobe Authenticator on both Android and iOS.

So if you want to get strong security for your account in the Adobe check of this app, which will use your smartphone to verify your identity, which makes it very difficult for anyone to break into your account.

And of course it may be annoying to have your phone with you every time you want to log in to the Adobe product, but this is the price you pay for a secure account, on the other hand, also the app supports scanning the QR codes, support hours Android wear, finally the application Adobe Authenticator is available for free download on Android and iOS from here and here respectively.

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