Adobe doesn’t want you using old versions of applications Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Lightroom

If you want to buy a program, you think you’ll be able to use it whenever you want and for that you want, isn’t it? Unfortunately, in the case of Adobe, it seems that the company is not really happy with the users who use older versions of applications Adobe Creative Cloud, so much so that they sent warnings to its subscribers to use it.

In a statement to Apple Insider, the company Adobe, said : ” I’ve stopped the Adobe recently some older versions of applications to Creative Cloud. Been notified customers who use these versions that they are no longer licensed to use and provide instructions on how to upgrade to the latest versions authorized “. She added : ” Unfortunately, customers who continue to use or deploy older versions unauthorized apps Adobe Creative Cloud may face allegations of violating rights of third parties “.

In case you haven’t heard about the Adobe Creative Cloud before, it is a subscription service that lets users exchange for a monthly subscription to access various applications and services Adobe. The idea behind this service is that users will always have access to the latest versions of the Adobe applications that they use, instead of buying one version and the urgency to buy the new version later.

However, there are times it means having the latest you got the best, and for this reason may be understood why he chooses some users use old versions of programs. There’s a big chance that this change may impact on a small number of participants in the service of Adobe Creative Cloud, but this is something you may want to note in case you are planning to use older versions of some apps Adobe Creative Cloud from Adobe.


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