Adobe challenge applied Lightroom CC supports audio format HEIF and more

أدوبي تُحدّث تطبيقها Lightroom CC ليدعم تنسيق الصور HEIF وأكثر

Continued application Lightroom CC on mobile phones in the talk over the past few months, with new features such as modifications of detail, shortcuts apps on Android, as well as the presets that are synced across all platforms, today provided an Adobe update the new application carries a version number Lightroom 3.6 currently supports Android system only, may include the update as usual some new features, which are as follows:

  • Improvements to tab Optics “optics”, where you will be able to user the app now to reduce the deviation of chromaticity (CA) and manually from one of more than 1,200 cookies lenses created by Adobe.
  • Support image format HEIF.
  • The option to pause syncing and resume it inside the tab of the cloud.
  • Remove the maximum health of 15 images in the exported images.
  • Preview to a new report bearing the name of Adobe Sensei, through is to choose the best images according to the highest potential.
  • Guide new tutorial.

Finally, perhaps switching feature deviation of chromaticity is very useful, but with the support of audio format HEIF we can say that the most important addition in the update, where many of the devices iPhone and iPad take pictures in this format by default starting from version iOS 11, as well as the coordination support now in the Android Pie 9.0.

Download update Lightroom CC from here.

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