Adobe announces the issuance of a complete copy of the application to Photoshop CC computers iPad tablet in 2019

Depends version of Photoshop to match the desktop one of the creative applications of the most requested photographers and artists since its introduction, computers iPad in 2010. In the years that followed, he released a competing product of their own in hopes of filling the void, but can not provide real integration with Creative Cloud which is available to his clients Photoshop current. Yesterday at conference of Adobe MAX 2018 headquarters in Los Angeles, she answered Adobe applications creative community for a way to preview what you call Real Photoshop CC for iPad.

In the middle of the Creative Cloud Arena, focused Adobe to bring certain features of Photoshop Touch for iOS. But the company says that the potential of tablets and modern phones cover the full power of Photoshop that works on devices desktop.

In the early preview program, the officials of the Adobe manipulates the PSD file heavy, multi-layered on the iPad Pro easily, and apply effects to easily make adjustments in real time. In addition to dealing ideally with a pencil and Apple TV as well as touch interaction with the screen case.

Just as is the case on the desktop, will be available the entire interface to buy tools, manage layers using the same tools, filters, and controls and options for masking that we know.

Photoshop CC for iPad

Will sync edits that are made to the PSD files on iPad smoothly across Creative Cloud with the desktop version of Photoshop, where you can open the same file modification. Because both applications share the code base itself, don’t need to export or conversion or amendment when moving between devices. This available synchronization problem have become possible thanks to Cloud Documents, and is part of new Creative Cloud.

In the first version 1.0 will be shown the application of Photoshop CC for iPad with a smaller set of basic features at the outset, and will add the remaining features over time. Not create Adobe outline a timetable for the launch versions of the application.

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