Administrative Sony confirms that the company will communicate with teachers

The company logo of Sony Corporation is seen at its headquarters in Tokyo

Confirmed Shawn Layden the president of Universal Studios Sony Interactive development (which knows its customers through the PlayStation) through the loop Blogcast new that Sony is seeking to increase communication with teachers:

We strive to increase communication with teachers. We will work on additional ways to deliver our message and show our vision and our activities and to clarify what our dreams and our ambitions.

And this comes in response to the great calm of the company, despite a strong start too with her computer home PlayStation the fourth, which managed to sell over 80 million units so far. Anyway, we believe that Sony are doing well, and she did not flinch from the sight only a little bit in order to prepare the next generation of home appliances.

Well, does this mean that we’ll see something like Playstation Direct move forward? Or that Sean meant something else? Let’s wait and see what are you planning Sony.

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